“Shortening the distance between Kentucky and Massachusetts”

KY-MASS Turnpike

That is the goal of the KLSC/MassBio partnership. “The KyMass Turnpike” focuses on increasing capital and partnering opportunities for both states. It is a two way street. Kentucky companies need access to capital and partnerships outside of the Commonwealth. The Boston life sciences ecosystem needs new investments, research opportunities and to expand the reach of partnerships.  Kentucky provides a cost effective environment to incubate and validate ideas.

The reality is that rates of new startup formation in life sciences aren’t likely to increase dramatically in the near future, as none of the factors below are easily expanded

  1. There aren’t dozens of breakthrough biomedical ideas created every day.
  2. There are very few biotech venture investors still active today, and fewer still that are focused on early stage company creation.
  3. And of critical importance, it’s not easy to start biotech companies, and in most cases requires entrepreneurs with decades of apprenticeship inside larger R&D organizations.  Seasoned veterans willing to take startup risks are relatively rare and highly sought after.

We can’t control the first or second, but via the KyMass Turnpike, we can impact the third!


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There are several sponsorship opportunities throughout the year.

Please email us to find out which are best for you.

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