"The end result is that Kentucky becomes a more favorable environment for the life sciences industry"

The Kentucky Life Sciences Council (KLSC) is a statewide resource for legislators about the life sciences industry in Kentucky. KLSC works to educate both state and federal policymakers, the media, and the public about how legislative policies will affect the growth and development of the life sciences industry.The breadth of policies we follow include:

  • Taxation
  • Research oversight and appropriations
  • Ethics and regulatory issues
  • Manufacturing

These policies  affect every segment of the life sciences, from academic research to agricultural biotechnology, medical device development, pharmaceutical research, and traditional biotechnology. Throughout the year, KLSC works to help policymakers understand the needs and obstacles faced by life sciences companies in Kentucky. The end result is that Kentucky  becomes a more favorable environment for the life sciences industry… One that encourages and furthers research, nurtures the growth of new companies and new jobs, attracts new companies and researchers to Kentucky, and maintains a vibrant and globally competitive industry. The end result is a bright future for Kentucky.

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